Friday, March 15, 2013


Such excitement in Liberty Hill....we have eBooks at the Library!  Couple ways you can log in and get your books (and yes, you must have a library card).

1.  go to  Log in using your card number.  Include ALL the letters and numbers, letters in all caps.  Use your phone for dashes, just the last seven digits.

2.  the simple way?  Go to our catalog at and upper right hand corner....log in your account.  digits only for account login, phone for password, again digits only.  Click the OverDrive logo bottom right side, VOILE!  You are IN!

Things to keep in mind....loads of videos to help you and you may  need help.  Downloading OverDrive Media Console and Adobe Digital Editions is something you will need to do.  You will need to create an account with Adobe.  Best thing?  Once you are in our Digital Collection, the left side has a GET STARTED tab.  Click it and, well, get started!

Actually is very easy, just got to do the set up once and you are set.  EBooks check out for 14 days and you are limited to five.  But....I figure one at a time for me.....someone else is waiting and we are part of a consortium, so I appreciate ppl reading and passing on the books fast, so I want to do the same. CAN return items as soon as you are done, which is appreciated, rather than waiting for it to disappear at the end of the two week loan.  It moves wait lists faster. 

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